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Home of the 600 BC Replica Ship, which is being re-built in Iowa and you can participate, donate or just
In 2009 and in 2019 sailor, author, and fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Philip Beale, set out
to prove that the ancient Phoenicians could have crossed the Atlantic 2,000 years before Christopher
Columbus. As captain and expedition leader of the Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition,
This same replica 600 BC Phoenicia Ship has sailed over 30,000 nautical miles and is now in Montrose
Iowa, in the city we believe is Zarahemla in the Book of Mormon. These voyages are an ideal test of the
veracity of the Book of Mormon account. Captain Philip Beale shows not only that the materials and
technology of 600 B.C. allowed construction of ocean-going vessels for both Lehi’s group and the
Mulekites, but that both groups could have crossed the Atlantic and landed in North America-coming
from the east!
“Phoenicia and its beginning, sailed here to North America. She fascinated me, a replica 600 BC ship.
The timeline of The Book of Mormon and the stories of my people coming to this sacred land of
America. I believe “Phoenicia” is a special ship, she has a Spirit of discovery and a mission.” Betty Red
Ant LaFontaine



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