Records kept on Metal Plates

Chief Shup-She of the Pottawattomie nation stated that most of the tribes in North America did the same (keeping records on metal plates). For example, the Ojibway tribe of indians in Wisconsin have a depository of records. This despository is located near Shawano, Wisconsin… These records are composed of copper and the writing is engraved on forty eight plates, engraving being on both sides of the plates. The writing is a pictorial writing but there are men in the tribe who know how to read it. The record begins with the arrival in Amercia of the ancestors of the Indians and comes on down to the present time. These Indians have the practice of writing the main events of their history while living in one place on one plate. Every time they move on to another section of the country, they write on another plate. Chief Shup-She claimed that the Indians in the northeastern part of the US wrote on lead plates.

Report given to the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, June 21 1951 by Milton R Hunter, Carl C. Burton, Evan Hale.


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