Where are the Ten Tribes of Israel?

The Ten Tribes of Israel

The following is from Alexander’s Messenger, page 16. Published in 1883, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A government officer stationed at Lake Superior, at an early day, before any white settlers had invaded that part of the country, after becoming acquainted with a number of the Indian tribes, found one tribe in possession of a copper tube, tightly soldered; and when asked what it contained they said they were not able to tell, but they had received it from their ancestors a long time ago. The officer finally prevailed upon them to let him open the article, and when he did so he found it filled with parchment, with inscriptions that he could not read, but be sending the parchment tot Washington City where it was examined by competent Hebrew scholars, it was declared to be part of the five books of Moses.”

Here we have another link in the chain, proving the  Heber were here many years before the white many came to this continent, and that the present North American Indians are their descendants.

Native American Chippewa Women
Native American Chippewa men

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