Heartland Tours

What is a Heartland Tour?

These tours take guests to see historical sites and evidence believed to be connected to the Book of Mormon. Uniquely, these sites provide massive strides of confirmation to the world about ancient American civilization. Additionally, these tours will cover various sites of the Restoration on their pathway. Discover how the United States has been a part of the Covenant of the Promised Land on our new “Sacred Histories: American Covenant” tour.

What does it mean to be a "Heartlander?"

As to the geography of the Book of Mormon people, cities, and events, there are two main theories. The first theory is that the geography of the Book of Mormon takes place in Central/South America. This Meso-American style and belief is a popular theory for who are the descendents of the ancient Lamanites. However, in the second main theory, it is believed that North America is the Land of Promise. The plates of the Book of Mormon were found in upper New York, therefore it is reasonable to believe the geography of those events is nearby. Those who believe in the second main theory, that the Book of Mormon geography is the modern-day United States, have earned themselves the title of “Heartlanders.”

2024 Heartland Tour Types:

Navuoo Eclipse: An epic opportunity to see a total solar eclipse in person. Additionally, you are in a unique position to hear experts discuss the significance of this solar eclipse in the scheme of signs of the Second Coming. Visit Church History sites, reflect on the Restoration and the Timeline of the Heavens. Truly, this is a spiritually uplifting opportunity!

Sacred Histories: American Covenant: Specifically, this tour addresses the covenant relationship between God and the United States of America. We visit colonial and historical heritage sites from Virginia, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and more! Additionally, this tour transitions into how that covenant relationship continues today. Specifically, how the Restoration has facilitated the renewal of this covenant of the Promised Land.

Book of Mormon Chronology: We begin in Florida, where Lehi and his family are supposed to have docked their ship upon arrival from Jerusalem. The journey continues as we move into eastern states such as Georgia, Tennesee, and Kentucky. We visit artificial mounds that were established by the people of the Book of Mormon. Afterwards, we move to New York and see different Church History Sites, leading us all the way to Kirtland, Ohio and Nauvoo, Illinois. Amazingly, the evidence of the Book of Mormon geography follows that of early Church History, very closely. Explore all these links in the Chronology of the Book of Mormon on this tour.


Heartland & TruthSeekers Tour: Nauvoo Eclipse Header
April 1-11th
sacred histories: american covenant new heartland tour
September 17-30th
native american indians,
October 7-20th

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