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July 12-21, 2024

$1,950 per person (based on double occupancy)

$2,625 pp single occupancy

$1,725 pp triple occupancy

$1,625 pp quad occupancy

Hosted by Scott Read

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Fly to Rochester, New York. Take the complimentary shuttle to your hotel to rest and overnight prior to beginning your exciting and informative Church History Tour.

Our tour will begin by climbing the Hill Cumorah and touring the visitor center there. Next we visit the Grandin Printing Press. This is where the first copies of the Book of Mormon were printed. Then we will see the Martin Harris Farm.

The afternoon will be spent in Palmyra visiting the Smith Farm and Sacred Grove, as well as the Palmyra Temple.

Overnight in Rochester.

In the morning we will travel through the Finger Lakes region to the Peter Whitmer Farm. This is where the Church was organized on April 6, 1830.From the Whitmer Farm we will travel southeast, stopping for lunch at Taughannock Falls. At the falls we will have some time to reflect on the history of the Church in New York and then continue our journey to Harmony.

In Harmony, Pennslyvania we will see the new Visitor’s Center, and replicas of the Hale home and Joseph and Emma’s first home. We will take time to walk to the cemetery where Joseph and Emma’s baby is buried. Afterwards we will explore the woods where the three witnesses would have seen the golden plates.

Overnight in Sayre.

In the morning we will travel towards Kirtland, Ohio. We will stop for lunch at an overlook of Lake Erie and then continue our travels.

Once in Kirtland we will tour the historic Kirtland Temple owned by the Community of Christ. We will also take time to visit the cemetery in Kirtland, reviewing the lives of some of the saints who were buried there. 

Overnight in Eastlake near Kirtland.

Today we will visit the Isaac Morley farm before we tour the LDS Visitor Center. The guides there will take us to the sawmill, the Johnson Historic Hotel, and the Newel K. Whitney store. At the store you will have the opportunity to sit in the actual room where the School of the Prophets took place.

We will continue our way south to the John Johnson Farm. This is where Joseph Smith was dragged from his bed and savagely tarred and feathered. 

In the evening we will enjoy a lovely dinner with the Amish in Charm, Ohio. We will stay the night at the Guggisberg Inn. 

We will spend some time on our motor coach this day as we travel across Ohio and Indiana to Illinois.

Dinner in Abraham Lincoln’s hometown and then overnight in Springfield.

We drive this morning to Carthage, Illinois. We will see the Visitor’s Center and jail where the life of Joseph and his faithful brother, Hyrum, were taken by assassins. We will then continue on our way to Joseph’s City, Nauvoo. 

In Nauvoo we will visit the LDS Visitor’s Center, take a horse drawn wagon tour through the streets, visit the temple, and spend free time in Old Nauvoo. 

Overnight at the Nauvoo Inn.

Our day will include sessions at the Nauvoo Temple. Guests will be able to do baptisms for the dead or a group temple session if desired.

We’ll go back in time to Old Nauvoo and see the Browning gun shop, bakery and Family Living Center. At the Family Living Center we will be shown demonstrations of all the old crafts of Nauvoo. 

After dinner we’ll visit the cemetery, the Red Brick Store, and Joseph Smith’s grave. We’ll also see the granite quarry where the stones for the temple were taken. The day will end with a walk on the Trail of Hope. There we will appreciate the majestic Temple, high on a bluff, symbolically facing the west. 

Overnight at the Nauvoo Inn.

Today we will drive to Missouri, stopping in Hannibal to see the home town of Mark Twain. We will stop at Farr West to view the temple cornerstone and learn the significance of the Lord’s Promised Land. 

After lunch we’ll explore the ancient past and foretold future. These instances collide at the lush valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahman.

Next, we’ll pass by the tragic site of Haun’s Mill. A terrible massacre took place here October 30th, 1838.

Our day ends with a farewell dinner in Liberty where we will overnight.

We travel this morning to Liberty Jail. Here we will share in the despair and the exhilaration of the Prophet Joseph as he received some of our most hallowed revelations while incarcerated. 

Independence is the place prophesied as the location of the New Jerusalem in the final days of this earth. You will stand on the ground where these events will occur. We will visit the Community of Christ Temple. Finally we will end the tour with a visit to the empty lot where the magnificent temple will be built by the remnant of the House of Israel, and then tour the LDS Visitor Center.

Our Motor coach will convey us to the airport. Flights should leave from Kansas City, Missouri International Airport after 5:00pm.

Payment Terms: $300 pp deposit at time of booking. Final Payment due 90 days before departure.

**this tour is based off of a minimum of 20 passengers and a maximum of 40 passengers. 

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